Tony Pucci

Tony Pucci. Peace-loving guy, empathetic human being, creative, prolific, passionate, a little outside the box, a little bit crazy…and a little bit more straight than you might think. Tony firmly believe the one thing we can do on this Earth is take care of each other as human beings. Life is too short; tell your friends and family you love them. Give them a hug today.

Tony is one of those artsy guys…you know, he thinks and acts like he’s a poet, a musician, a singer and songwriter, a writer, an empathetic observer of life…and it’s true, he can’t help himself.  It’s how he interprets the world.  How else do you explain 128 CD releases and 7 poetry books?  Browse around, check out the tunes and poems, and enjoy.

Tony’s lives in Rochester, Minnesota, and calls his adult sandbox “Pollyanna Cowgirl”; it is at different times a recording studio, an indie record label, a book publisher and a music podcast.  Keep checking back because Tony is always dreaming up some new, creative idea!  He breaks down his creative work this way:
Rubacuori– instrumental CDs
Crome Yellow– the amazing band Tony’s in!
Tony Pucci– solo CDs with vocals, writing, poetry, and various collaborations
Please support Tony’s work; all proceeds go to charity, for heaven’s sake!!!
Sayings Tony lives by:
“What one jokes about is a window to how they view the world.” – TP

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” – Aldous Huxley

“This has ever been the fate of energy in security; it takes to art and to eroticism, and then comes langour and decay.” – H.G. Wells (The Time Machine)

“If you truly expect to realize your dreams, abandon the need for blanket approval. If conforming to everyone else’s expectations is the number one goal, you have sacrificed your uniqueness and, therefore your excellence.” – Hope Solo, Goalie, USA Women’s Soccer Team

…in general…
“…very sophisticated.” – Peter Koppes/The Church

“…fucking brilliant!” – Margot Smith

“…very impressed and pleasantly surprised…” – Steve Kilbey/The Church

“Your music is lovely…Very pretty! You are so talented! 🙂 ” – Donnette Thayer

“Your prodigious output has become an inspiration to me and I was reflecting that I should be releasing as many CDs as you…your life is inspiring people on the other side of the planet!”  – John (JLK) Kilbey/Karmic Hit

Comments regarding…
“I listened to “The Sea Shines” last night! Some of your wildest and finely woven guitar licks yet on the wide variety of tunes! Lots of passion!” – (USA)

“I love the new CD!” – (USA)

“I’m just listening to “the Sea Shines” – some amazing, wonderful tunes yet again!!! I think this may be one of my favorites!!” – (USA)

“Your new disc is SO smooth! The production is superb.” – (USA)

“Regarding “Sunshine Prayer”, I have to say it’s amazing how quickly you throw these things together…it all sounds so well thought out. There are places on it where you can really drift away…more atmospheric PucciPop than many of your recent releases. I think that’s your strongest style when you’re in some ambient groove. Keep up the good work Tony!” – United Kingdom

“Tony, there’s a “not everything is lost” feeling in your music. Your music is so delicate…it’s like porcelain, fragile and full of evoking textures. But it’s not pessimistic, which I like so much! Although some pieces are sad, there’s a feeling of redemption at the end. It’s healing, it helps, the feeling that I get at the end after listening to a song like “I Beckon the Frozen Neon”. It’s a sad piece, but it’s that kind of healing sadness that we need to smile again. That’s one thing we have in common, through our music I think we say to the people, “hold on, there’s a light out there” or “there’s another way out”, although I’m much more dark and you’re much more bright. Another thing we share is that we do everything by ourselves, so there’s a sense of “here’s me, my music, my everything”. I’m really fond of people who, from the start to the final product, make everything by themselves. “ – Spain

“”I’ve been spinning your Sunshine Prayer album quite a bit. It’s a solid work, well recorded, with some truly brilliant moments. The extended track towards the end is gorgeous.” – USA

“… slipping “Sunshine Prayer” in the stereo, and let Tony’s sonic incenses wrap the wooden dome house in the comfort of sweet melancholy…I have to thank you for that brilliant trilogy of yours (Unfolding, Mannequins in Motion, Sunshine Prayer), so rich that each new listening will reveal more treasures…the mark of excellence!” – France

“I LOVE THE NEW ALBUM. Yes…this by far is the best yet!” – USA

“…captures the feeling of a successful summer day followed by the perfect summer night drive home. The warm wind comes through
the windows, caressing a contented heart.” – USA

“The new cd sounds great! It’s amazing how you keep topping yourself!  I think you’ve set a record for different kinds of guitar textures.” – USA

”I just got the new “Sunshine Prayer” cd in the mail today, thanks!  I love the postcards etc included with it, very cool.  The sound is   great…Very nicely done CD & art, very pro.” – USA

“I just received Sunshine Prayer in the mail!!!  I loved it!!  Towards the end it got a little experimental and I really liked it, I was very impressed!!  The packaging and production top quality as always!!” – USA

Comments regarding…
“Your voice sounds better than ever on “Mannequins in Motion”.  I’m listening to “Mannequins in Motion” now and it has to be your best work so far, truly amazing!!! ”  (USA)

“I’m liking your voice, lyrics, style and overall sound.  “Mannequins in Motion” is haunting, intricate, powerful and pronounced at times.”  (USA)

“I’m thoroughly enjoyin’ Mannequins in Motion right now!”  (USA)

Comments regarding…
“Beautiful work on the cd, listened to it on my recent road trip through the desert–great soundtrack!” – Jeffrey Cain – Remy Zero/Isidore

“I love it!  I love it!” – Donnette Thayer

“Holy Shit!  “Unfolding” is brilliant!  I’ve always dug Tony’s tunes, but this surpasses any expectations I had…More please!  Incredible variety of guitar textures and vocal techniques.  Anyone who likes the mp3s of Tony’s songs will LOVE the cd!  Great mixing! My ears are smiling!  Buy it!!!  NOW!!!  P.S. “Pucci Pop 101″ is mind blowing too!” (USA)

“I’ve had UNFOLDING playing in my car all week. I love it. You are an undiscovered talent. I hope the shows you play garner the recognition you deserve. I especially love track 7 and 11. These I play again and again and that’s the sign of a truly good track, when you just want to play it over and over and over. Great work.” (Australia)

“Been listening to “Unfolding” – it’s the one baby!!!  Seriously one of the best recordings you’ve done.  Mastered version sounds really great!!! ” (USA)

“Nice production values. We all have believed in you for quite some time. Congrats again!” (USA)

“Do I get some marijuana when I purchase this CD?!?!  This is great stoner music!” (USA)

“Hey Tony, I REALLY like “song for valeria”!”  (Australia)

“Hi Tony, I’m listening to the Heyday download (“song for valeria”) for the 3rd time…Great stuff. I like the haunting chorus. Your voice is sounding really good. As always, the power is in the lyrics.”  (USA)

” “song for valeria” is gorgeous!” (Germany)

“I enjoyed the “Valeria” song. Especially the acoustic version. Simple and direct, an honest and warm statement.” (USA)

“Tony, when your voice hits those low notes – yum! great songs.” (Australia)

“Wow! Unfolding the song is Great! – The best Pucci yet IMO- I’ll have to get by Heyday so I can hear the whole thing.” (USA)

“As warmer weather approaches..we are getting excited about listening to T.P.(no not Tom Petty) out on the deck with the peace pipe! Really diggin ‘unfolding’ lately.”  (USA)

“Hey Tony, your music sounds great…Looking forward to receiving UNFOLDING…love your work….”  (Australia)

“Amazing new songs Tony, looking forward to your forthcoming album.”  (Scotland)

Comments regarding…

Tony Pucci elicits a most delicious sense of melancholia shot through with a paradoxical feeling of connectedness and even hope; sadness is rendered so vividly that it becomes something else, something bigger than what is being depicted, transforming and inverting it.  And therein lies the true value of the poetic form;  the transcendence of fancy language and clever tropes into the realm of pure, visceral emotion.  Just momentarily, but long enough to have seen through the words.  Harry Flowers

Comments regarding…
“Tony, i’m back in the studio working, but just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how wonderful this cd is. The first chorus that comes in is such a great shift…i was hooked from there. cool moments of ‘tigermountain- eno feel’ or David Sylvian but purely original and heartfelt.  Of course this is my first listen – so the fun has just begun. Thank you again for the music, great work Tony.”  — Jeffrey Cain (Remy Zero & Isidore)

“It’s one of your best…It is a blessed CD.” (Brasil)

“Tony…has crafted a very beautiful, self-reflective, and quite lovely composition of some of the best songs that I have heard. This is music we need and crave, and it satisfies…The lyrics are alive, illustrative and emotional, and the music is equally sharp and beautiful. I have been moved on many levels. Born from true inspiration, each song arrives on clouds and weaves and floats through many metaphoric landscapes.” (USA)

“…this (cd) really shines out of the Pucci catalogue. The songs are of a very high standard and the playing is great. The sound is distinctivly Tony Pucci and those who know what to expect will be very delighted with this and those who haven’t heard him before will be pleasantly surprised at the standard of the performances and the sheer quality of the songwriting.  These songs just drift into and around each other brilliantly.” (Scotland)

The “Welcome Back to Wonderland” CD is incredible…It is some of the best I have heard from you.  I love “Graveyard Stare”!  It’s really top notch as is the rest of the CD.” (USA)

“Welcome Back to Wonderland” has been in my car CD player since last Thursday and congrats must go out for another fine Pucci cd.  Favourite tracks are “wrong name right eyes” (love the intro), “touch the moon”, “going through changes” and “she only has to smile” (this track sounds like you are playing in front of a band).” (Australia)

“Great friend, singer and musician! He’s a self-made man in music. He always does everything by himself in his songs, an example of dedication and ability!” (Brasil)

“I have been listening to this one alot…The title track is a fantastic song in both the arranged version and the stripped bare acoustic version that closes the CD.  One of his best songs and vocal performances ever!  Other faves include “She Only Has to Smile” which reminds me of some of Richard Thompson’s best work, “Graveyard Stare” with its chimey, mandolinesque guitar work, the synth horn ostinatos of “Bruised-Sky Denial”, and the beautiful “Naked Failure” with it’s haunting bridge.  The first few listens on “Going Through Changes” had me thinking. “what the heck was he thinking.” but everytime it plays I end up hitting the repeat button and catching myself singing the chorus.  Very catchy and memorable.  A great CD from Tony.” (USA)

“I’m quite impressed by the Wonderland record. You have top-notch arranging skills. The way your instrumental parts work together is really impressive. I have “Wrong Name Right Eyes” on my iTunes jukebox at work and always stop what I’m doing to listen to it when it comes around.” (USA)

“”Welcome Back to Wonderland” is the culmination of all of your other previous CDs, as if your previous work was just practice for this CD.  It is flawless, if you ask me.  It is well-realized and a great achievement!” (USA)

“My opinions flip flop a lot, especially with music, fitting different moods and what not. This CD is standing out over time Tony. I really dig it.” (USA)

“I’ve been really enjoying “Welcome Back to Wonderland”. I think that it’s your best album to date. I really like the first three songs quite a bit!!   Especially the very first one. It has all the cinematic qualities of music I enjoy.” (USA)

“I’m very impressed with “Welcome Back to Wonderland”.  It’s just an awesome album, well done mate!  (And the slick packaging is extra cool!)” (Australia)

“The “Welcome Back to Wonderland” CD is incredible…It is some of the best I have heard from you.” (USA)

“I have listened to your latest, “Welcome Back to Wonderland”.  Man oh man, I’m too impressed!”  (USA)

“I think “Welcome Back to Wonderland” is a huge leap forward. Each song has parts that I really dig. Touch the Moon & Wonderland are so strong and really packs a punch by being back-to-back. I’m impressed with the the lush arrangements you got with the added instrumentation.  Great job! It really is a step above your previous stuff. (USA)

“Songs for Jenny”

“Mannequins in Motion”

The following newspaper article appeared in the Friday, March 30, 2007 edition of the Rochester (Minnesota) Post-Bulletin

Sister’s illness prompts songwriter into action

Tony Pucci, who is easily Rochester’s most prolific songwriter, has channeled his passion into a good cause.

Proceeds from his upcoming CD “Songs for Jenny” will go toward discovering a cure and caring for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, often referred to as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The cause is one that’s close to Pucci’s heart after his sister, Jenny, was diagnosed with ALS two years ago.

“I felt pretty helpless,” he said. “This is something really positive to do with my music, as opposed to doing it because I like to.”

The CD will feature instrumental work by Pucci with lyrics and vocals by various singers.

“I put together a dream list of people I wanted to work with,” Pucci said.

The list includes Steve Kilbey of The Church, John Kilbey of Karmic Hit Records, David Lane, a solo artist from Australia, Donnette Thayer, a solo artist from Los Angeles, and Margot Smith, an Australian singer.

Expected to be released by the end of 2007 on Heyday Records, donations are being accepted now to offset recording costs. Pucci has also dedicating the proceeds from all his CDs to the project.

Getting off to a good start, Pucci has just released “Mannequins in Motion,” a CD featuring the best 15 songs out of the 65 he’s written in the past two years, he said.

Sales of the CD should go a long way, noting that it was his first CD to be totally financed by pre-sales.


The following article appeared in the June 1, 2006, issue of the Rochester (Minnesota) Post-Bulletin

It’s Quite a Heyday for Local Songwriter
–Christina Killion Valdez/Rochester Post-Bulletin

The enthusiasm was palpable when Tony Pucci, who’s easily Rochester’s most prolific songwriter, scored his major label debut.

The was Pucci put it in an e-mail newsletter was, “After 38 years, 83 ‘fake’ CDs, god knows how many songs (not all of them good, but I learned), dozens of guitars, 100s of road trips to band practices and guitar stores, being hit on for being a musician exactly ONCE (and in eighth grade, no less, for a terrible ORGAN solo), a few bloody pick guards (power pop, baby), a few broken guitar necks (calm down petal), and even a couple of paisley shirts…I HAVE A REALL CD COMING OUT!  AND ON HEYDAY FREEKIN’ HEYDAY RECORDS, BABY!!!”

The capital letters weren’t an overstatement for the homespun musician, who to date has self-released 85 CDs.

Pucci’s original introduction to Heyday Records was while surfing the record label’s music catalog online, he said.

Soon he’ll see his own disc there.

“It’s a treat for me to be associated with Heyday Records,” Pucci said.  “I’m taking that seriously.”

Robert Rankin Walker, who runs the indie label, first included a song by Pucci on a Heyday Records sampler CD.

“What first struck me was the amazing amount of output he did,” Rankin Walker said.  “It seemed like every time I turned around, he had a new CD recorded.  So, I started listen to more of his stuff.”

It was mastering the tracks for “Unfolding” that convinced Rankin Walker to include it on the label.

“The songs really grew on me and the lyrics were great,” he said.

However, working with a record label was a learning experience for the homegrown musician.

“When I got the mast back at first I thought it sounded awful,” Pucci said.  “I’m so used to hearing my music in a raw kind of way, not with a studio sheen on it.  I thought, ‘Is this my CD?’  Then I started listening and it was so good that it sounded bad at first.”

Plus there’s the wait time.

“I usually finish the last song and the CD is done,” Pucci said.

The time, Pucci finished recording the CD at his home studio with help from his friend, Leïlah Accioly, who co-produced the disc from her home in Brazil, back in November 2005, he said.

“That’s what I think is killing me since then,” Pucci said, “I’m used to a certain sense of closure.”

The CD release has been pushed back several times, but is expected out this month with a batch of Heyday Records artists, including one of Pucci’s favorites, Noctorum with Marty Willson-Piper, the guitarist for The Church, and Dare Mason.


The following review appeared in POP CULTURE PRESS – March 2006

When we last left him in his basement recording studio in Rochester, Minnesota in mid-2005, Tony Pucci was planning to slow his prodigious recording output, but soon enough, he had unveiled another self-released CD of new material (actually a double CD) as well as an accompanying book of poetry. But in the second half of the year, the totally DIY Pucci hooked up with the California-based Heyday label, home of the solo work of Church guitarist Marty Willson-Piper among others. Pucci’s first Heyday release is entitled Unfolding and represents a massive step forward in terms of sound quality, which considering that his writing and playing is as stellar as always, is certainly a lesson in the wonders of professional mastering. Pucci’s guitar playing is layered and shimmering with arpeggios and textures, but the improved sound lifts it out of the mix and gives it flight. Similarly, his vocals take on an added dimension of mystery and intrigue. The next step is for Pucci to figure out how to translate the sound of the record to a live setting and make the climb out of the basement and into the klieg lights. –Andy Smith

Tony Pucci
“Welcome Back to Wonderland”
Pollyanna Cowgirl Records

The following review appeared in POP CULTURE PRESS (issue #60, May 2005)

Tony Pucci is a remarkably prolific songwriter and recording artist with 78 original CD releases and some 1000 songs worth of material, recorded primarily in his basement recording studio in Rochester, Minnesota. However, due to a combination of his increased level of studio proficiency and a more focused, meticulous effort, he views his most recent release, Welcome Back To Wonderland, as the beginning of a new phase in his recording career where he will take a more methodical approach to his craft. Pucci can certainly be proud of his efforts and have confidence that he is on the right path. For a one-man recording project, Welcome Back To Wonderland is startling in the quality of the songwriting, musicianship, and production. The record’s opener “Wrong Name Right Eyes” is the perfect introduction to Pucci’s style with its deft guitar playing and infectious vocal hooks. Keyboards take a more prominent role in some of the later songs and work especially well in “Touch the Moon” and the title track (although this reviewer preferred the splendid acoustic version that closes the record). As a vocalist, Pucci has a limited range but sings with great warmth. He also makes effective use of harmonies, vocal effects, and creative production tricks to turn what could be a potential liability over the course of an entire record into an asset. Overall, Welcome Back To Wonderland has a polished sound with meticulous composition and some startling arrangements. This is evidence that one talented person with decent home recording equipment can produce a record that sounds every bit as vital as projects with more than 100 times the budget. Visit Pucci’s website at for purchase information. -Andy Smith

Tony Pucci
“Welcome Back to Wonderland”
Pollyanna Cowgirl Records

By Christina Killion Valdez (Rochester Post-Bulletin, August 26, 2004)

Local musician and songwriter Tony Pucci is known for being a self-made man in the music industry. Pucci has written the music for, performed, recorded and produced 76 CDs featuring his guitar-driven rock and ballads in his home recording studio, dubbed Pollyanna Cowgirl Studios in Rochester.

The 77th time around, Pucci decidedfor the first timeto have his CD professionally printed.

He’s proud of all of his music, Pucci said. “There’s a certain feeling of pride in holding a complete package.”

Plus, this way more people might take notice.

“I put out so much music that even my best friends are blasé about what I do,” Pucci said.

Pucci said he wants to spark more interest in this CD to show he’s taking this one seriously.

Friends often tell him, “If you took what you put out in one whole year and whittled it down to the 10 best songs, you would have a really good CD,” Pucci said.

So that’s basically what he did. Of 30 songs recorded for the album, he chose 10, plus the acoustic version of the title track, “Welcome Back to Wonderland.”

One of those songs, “Touch the Moon,” led to Pucci’s next professional endeavor.

That song will be included on a CD sampler by Heyday Records that features songs by Marty Willson-Piper of The Church, David J of Love and Rockets and Bauhaus, and surf legends Paul Johnson of The Sufaris and Gil Orr of The Chantays.

“I think Tony is an incredible songwriter,” said Robert Rankin Walker, who selected the songs for “Music for Minorities: A Sampler CD.” “I don’t think I’ve ever met a musician who’s written as many songs as he has, or at least recorded them.”

While working on the music for his lated CD, Pucci said, he was dealing with some difficult family matters. He said he came to the realization that, “Life is too short. If you love somebody you have to tell them now while you have the chance.”

He also realized the importance of friendship, he said.

“I found a sister in my friend Leïlah,” Pucci said, referring to Leïlah Accioly of Brazil, with whom he’s co-written many songs. “There’s so many similarities, it’s really creepy.”

Accioly also introduced Pucci to Marco Antonio Cals of Rio de Janeiro, who designed the artwork on the CD jacket, which unfolds into a poster.

“To me the wole CD can be condensed to a celebration of friendship,” Pucci said. It’s also a disc his friends can celebrate.

Tony Pucci
Pollyanna Cowgirl Records

By Christina Killion Valdez (Rochester Post-Bulletin, October 9, 2003)

Maybe 71 is a charm. At least that’s the way Tony Pucci sees it.

Pucci, who is probably Rochester’s most prolific songwriter, just came out with his 71st and possibly best CD to date.

“Seriously, it’s Tony’s best-ever CD”, reads the raves on his website.

The music on “Lovely Replica” couldn’t happen for the mostly-solo musician, however, without a little inspiration from the greats and some help from his friends.

While creating music in him home recording studio, dubbed Pollyanna Cowgirl Studios, Pucci listens to and is inspired by other musicians–starting with the latest release from Pucci’s favorite band, The Church.

“I was lucky enough to hear it early, and it really made me fall in love with music–both as a fan and as a musician–all over again,” Pucci said.

That new love of the guitar-driven ballads inspired his own playing.

“I’d love to be able to play guitar in a band like The Church,” Pucci said. “I did the next best thing; I just played and went crazy recording. And so here we have a CD that rocks just a bit more that I generally have lately, and that’s a good thing.”

The opening riff of Pucci’s song “Marionette” is the best example of that. It “came about after I’d been doing nothing but soloing loudly for about 30 minutes,” Pucci said. “And that whole, live rock thing carried over into the song.”

A CD-ROM of drumloops recorded by Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac also added to the overall rock effect of “Lovely Replica”.

“So many of the drumloops available out there are electronic,” Pucci said. “And while they are OK for some things, you can’t beat a great drummer on an old-fashioned drumset for the music I like to make.”

Filling out the works, lyrics to four of the songs were written by Leïlah Accioly of Brazil. The songwriting collaborative took place long distance, via the Internet, with Accioly writing the lyrics and Pucci putting them to music.

“The melodies always suit what I was feeling when I was writing and this makes it a true partnership,” Accioly said via e-mail.

The final product, however, is the best part of the journey.

“The pleasure of recognizing my words in his mouth,” Accioly described. “To see that someone with such a lovely voice gave life to what I write is extremely satisfying and rewarding.”

“Lovely Replica” by Tony Pucci was released independently October 1st.

Pucci Credits Good Start to “Happy Happenstance”
By Christina Killion Valdez (Rochester Post-Bulletin, February 6, 2003)

Adding four newly pressed CDs to the pile gives Rochester singer, songwriter and guitarist Tony Pucci a warm feeling of accomplishment.

The latest batch of music means that Pucci has 62 full-length CD releases to his name.

“While each of these CDs is unique from the other, I do feel like I’ve established a style of sorts,” Pucci said.

That’s “lots of layered guitar parts, perhaps simple in themselves, but adding up to a greater whole,” he said.

He’s also linked into a network for inspirationthe World Wide Web.

His 59th CD release, “Querida Alma,” which means “Dear Soul” in Portuguese, is a collaborative song-writing effort by Pucci, Steffi Bondini, who is from Italy, and Heloísa Mourão and Leïlah Accioly, both from Brazil.

“We’re all fans of The Church and met online via online bulletin boards and chatrooms for fans of that band,” Pucci said.

Two of the songs, “Once it Was Violet” and “Longing, Waiting, Wishing,” were born from another collaboration.

Pucci and guitarist Stu Reed of Rochester created the songs together.

“He came over to my house one night, and we messed around with a few ideas that grew into these two songs,” Pucci said.

Pucci’s 61st release, “Tony Pucci Interprets Edna St. Vincent Millay’s Fatal InterviewDisc One,” is the first of what will be four albums of sonnets set to music.

“I had previously put four of these 52 sonnets to music,” Pucci said. “Truthfully, I think in the back of my mind I had always wanted to eventually do all 52 songs but have only recently admitted that fact to myself.”

So far, he feels he’s off to a good start.

“Sonnet #13 (“I said seeing how the winter gale increased”) in particular,” Pucci said. “I find myself listening to it and grooving and enjoying it so much. It’s the sort of song that could give a musician a big head if I didn’t chalk it all up to happy happenstance.”

Pucci’s 62nd CD, “Rubacuori,” which is Italian for “thief of hearts,” is his first atmospheric instrumental collection.

It’s sort of a mellow, happy little CD,” Pucci said. “Great for playing when you’re doing chores around the house or whatever.”

His 60th disc, “Deep Fathom LightWhere May Silently Pounds,” is the first full-length release of the collaborative efforts between Brian Hutton and Pucci.

“It truly is a collaboration of two musicians,” Pucci said, explaining how they met via the Internet. “The fact that he’s in Scotland and I’m here makes it even that much more cool.”

“Rubacuori,” Deep Fathom LightWhere May Silently Pounds,” “Tony Pucci Interprets Edna St. Vincent Millay’s Fatal InterviewDisc One,” and “Querida Alma” were all released in January by Tony Pucci.

Songwriter Produces Thunderstorm of Work
By Christina Killion Valdez   (Rochester Post-Bulletin, October 10, 2002)

“Songs are like raindrops, each one adds up,” said singer, songwriter and guitarist Tony Pucci.

If that’s the case, Pucci, who has written 700 songs, is well on his way to a flood.

“My real goal is to make 100 CDs,” Pucci said.  “I thought it would take until I was 70, but at the pace I’m at, I’ll do it by the time I’m 40.”

Wrapping up his 59th full-length album, “Querida Alma”, at age 34, Pucci of Rochester is well on his way.

It’s part of a downpour of inspiration.  He released a dozen albums in the last year while working on “Heresy”, a compilation of The Church songs performed by fans.  Yet he knows there could be a drought.

“Music is one thing you can’t force.  I can write 20 cliché songs, but they wouldn’t be good,” Pucci said.

Even letting songs flow naturally, he said, “I’d be the first to admit that a lot of them just aren’t that good.”

“Fondness” on the other hand, represents a sort of “best of” the past year, he said.

Music has always been a part of Pucci’s life.

“My goal at 19 was to be in a band,” Pucci said.  That year, 1987, he joined the local band Crome Yellow.

“We were a three-piece, power-pop band, kind of like Green Day before Green Day was big,” Pucci said.  “No on ever got us.”

The band played the new band night at Seventh Street Entry in Minneapolis 10 times and eventually gained notoriety, he said.

Artistic differences, however, broke up the band in 1993.

That didn’t stop Pucci.

“In 1985, I bought a four-track recorder and a drum machine and away I went,” Pucci said.

He spent a year learning to use it and produced his first solo album in May 1986.

“I got a good reaction so I did another,” Pucci said.  “Then I just kept going.”

“In summer 2001, I finally got some software that allowed me to record with my computer,” Pucci said.

While he still writes some songs on the acoustic guitar, the computer makes songwriting a lot easier, he said.  “I can edit it right on the screen.”

Although Pucci never joined another band, he does collaborate with other musicians.  Most recently he produced an 11-song CD under the name The Foglifters, with Noel Riddell of Kentucky.

For Pucci, music is a personal spiritual journey.

Each song represents his reaction to the world at a certain time, allowing him to associate the music to his life, he said.

“Oh, that’s summer 2002, and I can think of what I was doing that summer,” Pucci said.  “It’s like a scrapbook to me of sounds.”


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