Songs for Jenny (ALS Charity)

Tony and Jenny, August 2007


The SONGS FOR JENNY is a musical charity project to raise money for ALS Patient Care and Research.  A 17-song CD entitled “Songs for Jenny” was released in 2009.  Additional songs are now being created for an eventual second CD release.  All proceeds from “Songs for Jenny” sales will go to the ALS Association of Minnesota with the aim of discovering a cure and caring for the brave people facing ALS.  The CD is named after Tony Pucci’s sister, Jenny, who bravely faced ALS for 5 years.

Jennifer Ann (Pucci) Fischer passed away quietly in her sleep on May 6, 2008.  She was only 37 years old and left behind a son.  Her bravery in facing the terrible effects of ALS have been an inspiration to her entire family, including myself and my music.  It is my hope that someday no family or person will have to endure such a tragedy in the future.  Hopefully, “Songs for Jenny” will be a big step in making that day a reality.  Life is too short, people.  Love fiercely those you hold dear.  –Tony Pucci


“Songs for Jenny” CD


“Songs for Jenny” ALS Charity CD track list
Leah Pinnavaia – “Your Smile Never Fades”
Donnette Thayer – “Peregrine”
timEbandit Powles – “Can’t Fight It”
Margot Smith – “Song for Jenny”
Harry Flowers – “Heir Apparent”
Carla Hanson – Spilt Silver
Hitchcock’s Regret – “Gathering Birds”
Noelle Hannibal – “Drowning”
Daniel Watkins – “Taking it All In”
Kaer Trouz – “I am Sleeping”
Jenn Manganiello – “Regret”
Arno Sautejeau – “One Fine Day”
Lnz Kayd – “Grace”
Robert Rankin Walker – “Crystal Green Sea”
Carla Hanson – Motherly Wisdom
Daniel Watkins – “Neon Over Broadway”
Jasmine Yee – “Here Comes Silence”

Lil’ Jenny

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